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Letter from Grateful Family Puts Care Home's Efforts in Perspective

Beacon Ridge is a welcoming skilled care and rehabilitation community in Indiana, PA. On a day-to-day basis, the care facility provides consistent care, attention and services.

Much of what takes place to provide the best possible experience for residents goes unnoticed.

However, a letter from the family of a former resident expressed sincere appreciation for the consistent and caring effort that Beacon Ridge provides.

The letter, addressed to Ron Conrad, head of nursing at Beacon Ridge, includes the statements:

“You and your staff showed unwavering compassion for Mom. We were so appreciative of the fact that everyone who came into her room addressed her by name and explained what they were going to do … That was so nice to witness on a daily basis. … Your staff made every effort to provide comfort for her and for all of us during our visits. … You and your staff do it right. Your facility is welcoming and your staff simply amazing.”

The remarks are viewed as both humbling and rewarding.

“When someone is this moved, well it puts everything we do in perspective,” said Conrad, who has served at the facility for more than 19 years. “Every day, we offer consistent care, attention and services. Usually, that goes unnoticed. And that is fine. We aren’t in this for recognition – just service to a vulnerable population.”

Administrator Leah McAndrews added: “We are very proud of our staff and the steady effort that they give every day. Sometimes, the work is overwhelming, but to know that we’ve made a difference is a reward in itself.”


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