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Beacon Ridge accepts many types of payment sources such as: Medicare, Medicaid, Highmark plans, UPMC plans and most commercial insurances. Insurance coverage varies among providers, so it’s important to understand your coverage under your plan. Our staff will assist the resident and family in determining the payer status for nursing care.

Medicare/Medicare Advantage Plans: Eligibility for this type of payment is available when skilled nursing or rehabilitation is identified as a primary need. These skilled needs are defined by Medicare or by the Medicare Advantage plan, and are necessary on a daily basis and can be performed only by a licensed professional under the supervision of a physician.

Medicaid: Eligibility for Medicaid is determined by the County Board of Assistance and is based on financial and medical needs. The Assistance Office will determine the monthly payment amount to the facility after approval of the individual application. Beacon Ridge also participates with the various Community Health Choice providers.

Private Pay: When residents are not entitled to insurance coverage or to Medicaid, he or she will be considered to be Private Pay. Charges include: room and board, medications, medical and personal supplies, laundry, hair care, telephone and cable, if utilized. Room and board are billed one month in advance. The facility also accepts major credit cards as forms of payment.

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